Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas and Happy New year!!
i made a big blunder this christmas well not exactly on christmas day but on the run up to christmas not in the usual typical things like leaving my shoping and stuff to the last minute but rather offering to help a friend? i know that sounds quite absurd but i wish i never offered now, not because it was so difficult but rather the consequences....

The day before Christmas eve i was down the town doing a few errands and what not. My friend rang me and asked me to give me a hand shoping so i did and then we went back to his house and had lunch then he asked me to help him wrap the presents.... BAD IDEA! well it wouldn't of been if we had of done it in the kitchen @.@ well unfortunately we didn't we started wrapping in the dinning room and there was a table cloth on the table and a runner on top... and then we started wraping and after the first present i moved the runner =.=;; then we finished up then i went home.

The next day was christmas eve i went for a nice lunch with my family then went to church in the evening met up with some family friends and went back to there house and i called over to my friend and gave him his present and he delivered the bad news.... while we were wraping one of us cut the runner >.<
so yea a good deed gone wrong =.=;;;

So yea that was Christmas Eve, i also messed up before that with my boyfriend i don't know, a series of unfortunate events or what. but yea thats all sorted it out now and i was delighted with his present a lovely necklace ^
_^ on christmas day my boyfriend came to my Grandma's house for dinner so that was lovely and yesterday we had a family christmas party yesterday all my relatives were here and my boyfriend came for that aswell and slept over~

Now it is like 2 days until i fly to china can u believe it? time flys by so fast!! my dad still hasn't brought the suitcase down from the attic yet so i am yet to actually pack also tomorrow i have to unlock my fone and develop the photos that i am bringing.... hmmm i wonder what i will be doing this time next year? who knows i am living for now and not making any regrets... but i can't wait to go. i don't know what to expect i have alot of spending money to bring which is good i only have a few ideas of things i definitely want to buy like glitter stuff for my fone nail accessories, the scented gel pens, hello kitty accessories, clothes lol and more.

so thats me ^^ i will be back after my trip!

Monday, October 13, 2008


it's been ages as always. well i have now settled into 2nd year of college. I was kind of nervous at the start, I was a bit concerned the subjects were going to be alot harder than first year. specially since i was going to be separated from all my friends it only dawned on me a week before returning that i basically know absolutely know one personally from the HRM stream sure i knew people to see but not close like.....

Anyway all went fine i met a nice new girl Aoife she is nice pleasant we get on ok a good classmate but not best friend i don't know sometimes i find it difficult to connect to people, I lose interest or whatever.... this girl really reminds me of a friend i used to have Bridget =( i miss her to be honest i wish we didn't fall out but i think we just out grew each other... which is really sad what can we do these things happen maybe we will meet again in the future and reunite as friends... hope hope.... but anyway aoife aoife we had one mishap lol one monday maybe a month ago or so anyway she asked me to have lunch together which would of been lovely...... but she doesn't like college canteen food =S WTF??? lol so we went to somewhere more upmarket HELLO ??? i can't afford no job =( we went to dunnes stores it could of been worse i thought i was going to hate the food lol panini n cheese n ham salad lol yum i ate it though not to bad =p but me in arkward situations and i do eat :D which makes me feel confident that i will be ok in china..... =p

which leads me to my next topic =P guess whos going to ChiNa baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASIA HERE I AM COME!!!!

oooh yea excited happy ^^ i can't believe it really before it was always something of a dream always on the long finger... someday someday.... and here it is D day 31st of December i leave dublin airport new years eve we must be mad.. the airport is going to be chaotic =p but i couldn't careless ^^ our first trip togetherrrrrr =D well apart from our mini trip to Belfast to see Zhi Bai's mom ^^ still so cool ^^ were going there for a whole month exactly. we bought our tickets like two weeks ago.. and my visa should be fully organised by wednesday night... then we will start the next step in the plan.... have to figure out what that is lol

i just thought of it Camera shopping tym =D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

over rated

After dating my boyfriend for like 4 months i realised that dating an asian boy is over rated lol.. and that basically i have to admit i had no idea what to expect .. but i have to say i did have a delusion that it was going to be easy and a dreamy experience and things would just float along i dunno i was a total fool lol the problems me and him have experienced have been have astronomical.. if thats the right spelling lol.. basically infinate things to think about nothing is easy at all... there is so many compromises to make i don't mean to discourage people about this kind of dating..... but just be prepared for a bumpy ride..... i'm getting ready for the crash lol.......

but i mean all that said it hasn't all been doom and gloom and problem after problem, fight after fight there has been some good times along the way ^^ this is just something people don't warn you about basically because they don't know... anyway i still have some hope that this could work out with a bit of luck ^^
heres some of our happier moments ^^

Friday, April 11, 2008


I had the most horrible day today, it royally sucked absolutely everything that could go wrong went wrong actually this whole week hasn't exactly been wonderful at all... can a person be algeric to another person?? T.T i know this sounds absolute madness... but unfortunately it did cross my mind.... this week on i think tuesday... i went to starbucks with my boyfriend had a lovely time.... i kissed him goodbye... on the cheek..... nothin strange with that.. he kissed me goodbye on friday when he was going to work..... things have changed so much since then T.T but anyway the next day he had spots on his face... =/ then he went swiming ... his face was like red... then yesterday... it was so much worse.. i have to say i didn't feel confortable... i do have this tendency to laugh at the most inappropriate moments... its just nerves i think my emotions are so wierd i cry when i am angry or frustrated =/ whats wrong with me??? anyway yesterday i got a laughing fit when this happened to him i just couldn't control it =/

Also i made another mistake.... he text me yesterday "oh my fucking face" then i went to the library and he seriously looked terrible =/ he said to me is it worse than yesterday.... ? i said yes... ooops!!!!!! he thought it was better... then i brought him to a chemist got algery pills and worked on trying to convince him it was better =/ ah fuck ! then today i met him and he asked how is it? i said oh it is much better... but to be honest... ummm no improvement.....

That's not even the beginning of the problems and series of unfortunate events.... well first off i didn't sleep a wink last night @.@
i think, no in fact i know i am catching a cold.... i woke up so grumpy and pissed off ... everything bothered me ! one thing was i wanted to wear the jeans i got for my birthday that i had seen in the hot press that was grand i looked in there and i couldn't see... then my mom said oh i put them in your cuboard.... i went to my room to look in the cuboard.... guess what ? my sister the night before had taken everything out of the cuboard so it was like searching for a needle in a haysack Fuck! then i found out it was a different pair of jeans she had put in.... typical.. i eventually found them in the hot press

Then next thing that happened this was almost the icing on the cake! me and my boyfriend went to the bagel factory for lunch we both placed our order... i opened my purse... guess what no money HOLY SHIT!! i was like fuck fuckity fuck ... WTF happened.....
i kinda panicked... then my boyfriend noticed he's like what happened to your money...?? i have never been so embarassed in my life *^_^* then eventually i realised that my sister had taken it.... yesterday my sister asked where is my make up n i told her its in my coat pocket .... and my purse was in it....... so no surprise there... i really can't believe that girl i was so furious when i got home i screamed at her! another crappy worrying thing is normally when my boyfriend gets the train with me he always texts me when he gets to work.... and today he didn't =( ..... i am worried he is pissed off with me so i text him when i got home apologised again wished him well at work also yesterday a similar thing happened... only i text him ... be4 he started work n he replyed... hes starting to distance himself thats what it feels like anyway.... =( am i getting paranoid???? it feels like the beginning of the end

We wer even planing to go to the cinema tomorrow and he canceled thaty because he had to study... its not good signs... and to top the whole day off.. i feel sick with pain in my nose and i have a pain in my stomach ! =( if he doesn't text me tonight i am doomed =( he hasn't said i love you lately either
i hope things improve <3

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


mmmm yesterday and today i have become pretty worried about the relationship between me and my boyfriend... you know i am a strong minded person. i know what i want at least i thought i do/did.... for instance the first time i saw this guy (Zhi Bai) i knew i liked him it was like love at first sight.. even without speaking just seeing him i was attracted and from that day i was determined absolutely to some how possibly become his friend i didn't see any possibility of anything more.... so anyway eventually after alot of waiting we finally got introduced together and instantly liked him straight away..... and after knowing each other for over a month we started going out well had our first date~!! well at the beginning i was nervous... and we've had lots of things to think about our cultures are just so different.... things you couldn't imagine... like for example even the dating culture... i dunno if the way we are doing things is traditional chinese dating.... since this is the first time i ever dated a chinese guy.. and nobody else has any experience as to what to expect whats normal so i am just taking things as they come..... anyway regardless are relationship is a striking difference to the average irish relationship...


none the less i am enjoying the relationship he is such a kind and we get on really well sharing things with each other texting alot... part of my worries is when is the bubble going to burst? all good things must come to an end... i know not to think about this but it does cross my mind.... also i am concerned that perhaps its not him that i like.... i mean i have for along time maybe since 2006 i have always admired asia ... japan, korea, china..... what if its just that he is from there that i like.... but i know it can't be ... i like his personality and his country is part of who he is... so its natural he would talk about it.. and i supose someone who has no interesty whatso ever wouldn't date a chinese guy......


whatever will be will be...

que sera, sera...........

oOo! its my birthday today i forgot to mention ~ my boyfriend bought me the lovelyiest pair of shoes ~~~~!! gorgeous ~~~!! i was so delighted (o'.'o)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Americas Next top Model

hey! what do u think of this show Americas Next top model? i only started watching it while i was staying with my auntie while my parents wer ironically away in Hong Kong ~and i incidently loved it.. its interesting in away. it kinda made me think about muslim girls... who always claim to have just as much rights as any other girl..... and they always feel more respected cos they not wearing mini skirts or whatever.. but they are definitely limited here.. theres no such thing as a muslim model..... or is there? i checked it out :D found one Michelle Leslie well a fake muslim lol... shes half philipino half austrailian... got arrested in indonesia for drug poession... then "converted" perhaps to get treated with more respect..... less rudesness.. which shows that muslims treat non muslims with with less respect ....i am sick of this ... whats good for the goose is not good for the gander.. they demand respect here... in the west but we will never get the respect back when we go to there country....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St patricks Day!!!

Dia duit ^^ conas ata tu??? hehe this is irish for hello how are you ~ haha well i am irish lol =D so i wanted to share the irishyness =P


hope the luck of the irish was with you ~ well today i went down the seafront and watched the parade with my parents and little brother... well i have to say my towns parade was not exactly much to right a home about basically in it there was

* old cars, * football teams, * scouts, boats, marching bands, big huge trucks, hip hop dancers, flame throwers, chinese dancers, it went on for about 1 hour n a half... but it was totally freezing...... n horrible.. i wanted to get in from the cold go to a pub... but guess what my dad chose the only pub that didn't open til 4:30.. so we had to wait around it was so sad... so we went in i wanted pork scratchings... but no can do.... just peanuts anyway then my cousin insisted we go on the rides.. i knew i'd probably end up going on them... we went on one called the Euro dancer and basically it went up in the air to the side then a sudden down drop in a rotating motion.. it was auful my stomach felt terrible... i just wanted to get off.... i wish my chinese boy was not so lazy and had of come it would of been so nice.... even though i don't like them i would of enjoyed them being with him ^^ or even just being with him lol but u can't always have what you want....

my project is almost done....

Hey!! how is it going? well it is Sunday night now just thinking back on the last week =] well i think it went pretty well after Monday and Tuesday which wer just absolutely horrible =[

some assholes in my project being lazy asses ~ doing absolutely fuck all in the project not picking up there fone letting me do all the work then i get blamed for it !!! thats ridiculous if i don't do the work whos going to do... i learnt something about who my real friends are after this.... one good thing =D but there was one slightly bad thing i have only half sorted out.... =/ i was suposed to be with this group for my next project aswell..... but i went to my lecturer and asked to change.... i explained all the problems she completely understood.. so now i am doing the next project on my own.... so only myself to argue with =] but my problem is how am i going to tell my orignal group that i have left???? they have already assigned me a section to do... regardless of how i handle this its going to end on bad terms =| i can't please everyone !!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey guess what i am madly in love ~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ w ith my baby ^^ cute boy hehe ^^ let me introduce you :D:D he is a chinese boy Zhi Bai ^^ 21 years old...~~~~ really kind gentle funny ^^ allways joking dreamy~~~ i just think perfect ♥♥♥♥♥ hehe we are going to the cinema next saturday so happy :D:D:D:D can't wait really can't :D i just thought i would put this in hehe ^^ anyway does anyone remember Israelis Eurovision song contest entry last year? Teapacks - Push the button now i know its old now but i think it would be very apropriate this year considering what happened last week with the palestinian shooting up a jewish school i think it was disgusting the whole thing those poor kids it is really so sad.... people getting so reckless and selfish over a piece of land in my mind its just unjustable inexcusable... getting killed just because of their religion... anyway the palestinians dug them self a nice hole if israelis retailiate which i have no doubt they will i can't say the palestinians didn't deserve it... i fought with a good egyptian friend about this today and the attitudes they gave me was just utterly disgusting..... i couldn't believe it... anyway i hope israelis prove to have a even more interestin g entry this year :D
thinking of u my sweet ^^ i miss you

Accept me as i am.....

well.... there is this guy i like ok.... and who happens to be asian and yea i think i ruined without even doing anything.... awhile ago i used to be heavily involved in talking to people about anime...... it was a good while ago .. i was like 14.... and i ended up adding a whole bunch of asians to my friend list on my website *bebo* and i had a whole bunch of anime photo albums... then i met this guy who coincidently asked do i have bebo...... so then i decided to revamp my whole page deleted all the anime albums i had... because to be honest i probably had gone off them haven't watched anime since about 8 months ago.... so i did all that thyen added him that was grand.. we only ever exchanged one comment... nothing changed.... then last night he text me i see you have lots of asian friends on your bebo account i wanna ask u about that.... now that is virtually impossible to get out of.. n i don't think i did.. i just explained it was along time ago .. i used to like lots of cartoons and animation... so all them were added... i hope he leaves it at that... i admit it does look pretty bad... i was thinking if i was in that situation and he had lots of white people on his list..... how would i feel... and i don't know.... i really don't.... i feel a bit worried that i have blown it....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

lazy ass people

i think life has been just one big giant mistake since i joined this college... i used to be such a happy cheerful .. inocent... opinionless person... who just sailed through life literally... i mean in secondary school .. i had the leaving cert... alot of people killed themselves studying for it ... got all worked up and worried... but i just sort of took it easy i did study but not compulsively.... i sort of knew i was going to get into the college i'm in now there was no real doubt in my mind .. maybe it was just faith... who knows ....

anyway.... its the second semester now.. last semester we wer assigned groups for projects so that was fine.. this semester.. we wern't big mistake... i never realised how uncooperative
and stuborn my friends are :| it's a total mess at least for Human Resource Management... anyway the group size was huge to begin with.... 7 people that is unreal... impossible to please all 7.. such strong characters...
1 is a malaysian... who thinks he is right about everything can't take critism... 1 is an algerian who is determined to find the easiest way around everything.. copy n paste is his motto who cares if its irrevelent... 1 is a girl amy... offering to do extra work but begging not to.... 1 is a pakista
nni guy ... who "wants" to help but doesn't have time.. another is a pakistanni.. who wants the easiest way around things... so basically it is a total international group... big mistake it wa... because not only did i have to correct the english for the malaysian guy ... but also i had to correct and add more to maria and amys... then the algerian ... sent me his work which he copyed and pasted from the internet and it had nothing to do with the project task... so i have to redo that... one of the pakistanni guys said to me he can't do his task because it is to hard... so we then assigned it to the other pakistanni who totally forgot so i'm doing that aswell.... then one they all totally forgot i have to do that... so yea i'm doing absolutely everything i feel really frustrated... :|

The asians

ok well for awhile now... i was always really curious about asian people as a whole... like asian girls and asian guys and there relations with other ethnitys.... well anywhere in the western world and i supose probably in the eastern you always see multi race relationships... a black guy with a white girl.. a black girl with a white .. maybe less frequent but it happens i've seen it for myself... a good few times then the biggest percentage of the multi race relationships is an asian girl and a white guy... i reckon i see one of these couples everyday of the week... now i know the guy in this relationship always gets frowned upon for having some kind of yellow fever or some kind of obsession with them because of stereotypes he has about them.. but hey remember it take 2 to tango.. and the girl was not forced into the relationship.... so maybe there is something there like white fever lol.. i dunno.. but anyway i think asian women have high expectations of western men .... i dunno really just guess work i'm using... i have 2 chinese friends in my college alone and both of them are married to western men ... and i think one of them married the guy because well she was always interested in foreigners and she is in love with the guy and thats the important thing.. he loves her too ^^ she is a nice girl i'd say one of my best friends from the college... then theres another.. well i've kind of gone off her a bit... but she married the guy because she thought western men are less tough than regular chinese guys.. i dunno is that insulting? i mean in my opinion western people are just as tough as anyone else...i know chinese got there jet lis and kung fu fighting.. but still lol~ and her other reason was she'd have more freedom to do as she pleased.... i really think western men are getting taken advantage of and not the other way round... they both know clearly what they are getting themselves into...

Then anyway asides that .. i was interested in the asian male white female scenario... how many of those type couples do you see? i have seen 2 and heard of a few others but its very very rare.... i was in one of these relationships be4 a malaysian.... except i don't consider it as one of these because the guy was a muslim.. so that made him different .... i know that sounds bad but .... i really mean a chinese, korean, or japanese guy and a white girl..
.. well i have talked to asian guys over the internet like on msn or whatever about there opinion of it.. and they all said something like they are curious about it... but they were worried that a western girl wouldn't like them.... well my idea is they should be more brave and just take the plonge.. not all western girls are the same... i really do think they have as good a chance as anyone... another thing was someone said that he would if he thought the girl would embrace the culture... others were scared about their english.. not being able to communicate.... but i think the main problem for them is .. asian girls asian guys know alot about the western culture.. so when an asian girl meets a foreigner she can quickly adapt... but for a western girl most of them have had little or no exposure to western culture.. so they have no idea about it... and they can't get to know it unless they have someone to show it.. i mean in asian countrys they all study english ... but in the likes of ireland uk europe usa.... none of these asian languages are being thought..... so basically there is a good few things for western girls to overcome and not so much for an asian girl.... anyway at the moment i am persuing an asian guy.. chinese... but the lucky situation here is although he was brought up in china .. his bestfriends in china were americian guys.. so he seems to have a bit more of an open mind than others........ oh well you never know....