Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas and Happy New year!!
i made a big blunder this christmas well not exactly on christmas day but on the run up to christmas not in the usual typical things like leaving my shoping and stuff to the last minute but rather offering to help a friend? i know that sounds quite absurd but i wish i never offered now, not because it was so difficult but rather the consequences....

The day before Christmas eve i was down the town doing a few errands and what not. My friend rang me and asked me to give me a hand shoping so i did and then we went back to his house and had lunch then he asked me to help him wrap the presents.... BAD IDEA! well it wouldn't of been if we had of done it in the kitchen @.@ well unfortunately we didn't we started wrapping in the dinning room and there was a table cloth on the table and a runner on top... and then we started wraping and after the first present i moved the runner =.=;; then we finished up then i went home.

The next day was christmas eve i went for a nice lunch with my family then went to church in the evening met up with some family friends and went back to there house and i called over to my friend and gave him his present and he delivered the bad news.... while we were wraping one of us cut the runner >.<
so yea a good deed gone wrong =.=;;;

So yea that was Christmas Eve, i also messed up before that with my boyfriend i don't know, a series of unfortunate events or what. but yea thats all sorted it out now and i was delighted with his present a lovely necklace ^
_^ on christmas day my boyfriend came to my Grandma's house for dinner so that was lovely and yesterday we had a family christmas party yesterday all my relatives were here and my boyfriend came for that aswell and slept over~

Now it is like 2 days until i fly to china can u believe it? time flys by so fast!! my dad still hasn't brought the suitcase down from the attic yet so i am yet to actually pack also tomorrow i have to unlock my fone and develop the photos that i am bringing.... hmmm i wonder what i will be doing this time next year? who knows i am living for now and not making any regrets... but i can't wait to go. i don't know what to expect i have alot of spending money to bring which is good i only have a few ideas of things i definitely want to buy like glitter stuff for my fone nail accessories, the scented gel pens, hello kitty accessories, clothes lol and more.

so thats me ^^ i will be back after my trip!

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zakir ahmed said...

So u really like glitter stuff :) .. hmm well don't worry about the good things gone bad ... happy journey ^_^ and happy new year tooo