Saturday, March 8, 2008

The asians

ok well for awhile now... i was always really curious about asian people as a whole... like asian girls and asian guys and there relations with other ethnitys.... well anywhere in the western world and i supose probably in the eastern you always see multi race relationships... a black guy with a white girl.. a black girl with a white .. maybe less frequent but it happens i've seen it for myself... a good few times then the biggest percentage of the multi race relationships is an asian girl and a white guy... i reckon i see one of these couples everyday of the week... now i know the guy in this relationship always gets frowned upon for having some kind of yellow fever or some kind of obsession with them because of stereotypes he has about them.. but hey remember it take 2 to tango.. and the girl was not forced into the relationship.... so maybe there is something there like white fever lol.. i dunno.. but anyway i think asian women have high expectations of western men .... i dunno really just guess work i'm using... i have 2 chinese friends in my college alone and both of them are married to western men ... and i think one of them married the guy because well she was always interested in foreigners and she is in love with the guy and thats the important thing.. he loves her too ^^ she is a nice girl i'd say one of my best friends from the college... then theres another.. well i've kind of gone off her a bit... but she married the guy because she thought western men are less tough than regular chinese guys.. i dunno is that insulting? i mean in my opinion western people are just as tough as anyone else...i know chinese got there jet lis and kung fu fighting.. but still lol~ and her other reason was she'd have more freedom to do as she pleased.... i really think western men are getting taken advantage of and not the other way round... they both know clearly what they are getting themselves into...

Then anyway asides that .. i was interested in the asian male white female scenario... how many of those type couples do you see? i have seen 2 and heard of a few others but its very very rare.... i was in one of these relationships be4 a malaysian.... except i don't consider it as one of these because the guy was a muslim.. so that made him different .... i know that sounds bad but .... i really mean a chinese, korean, or japanese guy and a white girl..
.. well i have talked to asian guys over the internet like on msn or whatever about there opinion of it.. and they all said something like they are curious about it... but they were worried that a western girl wouldn't like them.... well my idea is they should be more brave and just take the plonge.. not all western girls are the same... i really do think they have as good a chance as anyone... another thing was someone said that he would if he thought the girl would embrace the culture... others were scared about their english.. not being able to communicate.... but i think the main problem for them is .. asian girls asian guys know alot about the western culture.. so when an asian girl meets a foreigner she can quickly adapt... but for a western girl most of them have had little or no exposure to western culture.. so they have no idea about it... and they can't get to know it unless they have someone to show it.. i mean in asian countrys they all study english ... but in the likes of ireland uk europe usa.... none of these asian languages are being thought..... so basically there is a good few things for western girls to overcome and not so much for an asian girl.... anyway at the moment i am persuing an asian guy.. chinese... but the lucky situation here is although he was brought up in china .. his bestfriends in china were americian guys.. so he seems to have a bit more of an open mind than others........ oh well you never know....

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Aki said...


well i am an european girl,white, and i think too that white girls are still intersting in asian guys. here in europe its very less to meet an asian guy. and if you see one... you dont know what do to - or thinking: you dont have a chance because you are only a white girl.

is like your wrote. its often to see somewhere asian girl with white boy .. *sigh

in my eyes asian boys are much more interesting as white boys. sure many depends on the character as well.

i searched now for many articles and postings and videos about "relationship with asian guy" because i fall in love into an asian guy from america. i wanted to know what other ppl experience are. in my life here nobody had experience with it and ppl making jokes over it. asian guy? now way! it makes me disopointed to noticed what small minded ppl are being - especially some friends.

imo its a bit difficult for sure the cultures between this kind of relationship and how it would really working. who have to make some steps back to come closer to the other site? how is it to stay infront of other family if i wrote that asian parents dont like it if their "children" going out with white girls/boys. is there a way to become accepted. how to get some ice drying?

so beside this. every asian guy as to know white girls can be getting interesting. it dont depends on the skin - mostly not. its the way how to look, the interesting, the humor, the smartness and all this stuff which make somebody attrative. its not the skin. its the distance on all things which are unknown or wrong in some heads. its the afraid of unknown things.

thanks for this blog entry
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