Monday, October 13, 2008


it's been ages as always. well i have now settled into 2nd year of college. I was kind of nervous at the start, I was a bit concerned the subjects were going to be alot harder than first year. specially since i was going to be separated from all my friends it only dawned on me a week before returning that i basically know absolutely know one personally from the HRM stream sure i knew people to see but not close like.....

Anyway all went fine i met a nice new girl Aoife she is nice pleasant we get on ok a good classmate but not best friend i don't know sometimes i find it difficult to connect to people, I lose interest or whatever.... this girl really reminds me of a friend i used to have Bridget =( i miss her to be honest i wish we didn't fall out but i think we just out grew each other... which is really sad what can we do these things happen maybe we will meet again in the future and reunite as friends... hope hope.... but anyway aoife aoife we had one mishap lol one monday maybe a month ago or so anyway she asked me to have lunch together which would of been lovely...... but she doesn't like college canteen food =S WTF??? lol so we went to somewhere more upmarket HELLO ??? i can't afford no job =( we went to dunnes stores it could of been worse i thought i was going to hate the food lol panini n cheese n ham salad lol yum i ate it though not to bad =p but me in arkward situations and i do eat :D which makes me feel confident that i will be ok in china..... =p

which leads me to my next topic =P guess whos going to ChiNa baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASIA HERE I AM COME!!!!

oooh yea excited happy ^^ i can't believe it really before it was always something of a dream always on the long finger... someday someday.... and here it is D day 31st of December i leave dublin airport new years eve we must be mad.. the airport is going to be chaotic =p but i couldn't careless ^^ our first trip togetherrrrrr =D well apart from our mini trip to Belfast to see Zhi Bai's mom ^^ still so cool ^^ were going there for a whole month exactly. we bought our tickets like two weeks ago.. and my visa should be fully organised by wednesday night... then we will start the next step in the plan.... have to figure out what that is lol

i just thought of it Camera shopping tym =D

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zakir ahmed said...

wow the detail of ur blog is nice .. especially the mages .. all of of them are ... well 'cute' :D