Monday, March 17, 2008

my project is almost done....

Hey!! how is it going? well it is Sunday night now just thinking back on the last week =] well i think it went pretty well after Monday and Tuesday which wer just absolutely horrible =[

some assholes in my project being lazy asses ~ doing absolutely fuck all in the project not picking up there fone letting me do all the work then i get blamed for it !!! thats ridiculous if i don't do the work whos going to do... i learnt something about who my real friends are after this.... one good thing =D but there was one slightly bad thing i have only half sorted out.... =/ i was suposed to be with this group for my next project aswell..... but i went to my lecturer and asked to change.... i explained all the problems she completely understood.. so now i am doing the next project on my own.... so only myself to argue with =] but my problem is how am i going to tell my orignal group that i have left???? they have already assigned me a section to do... regardless of how i handle this its going to end on bad terms =| i can't please everyone !!

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