Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St patricks Day!!!

Dia duit ^^ conas ata tu??? hehe this is irish for hello how are you ~ haha well i am irish lol =D so i wanted to share the irishyness =P


hope the luck of the irish was with you ~ well today i went down the seafront and watched the parade with my parents and little brother... well i have to say my towns parade was not exactly much to right a home about basically in it there was

* old cars, * football teams, * scouts, boats, marching bands, big huge trucks, hip hop dancers, flame throwers, chinese dancers, it went on for about 1 hour n a half... but it was totally freezing...... n horrible.. i wanted to get in from the cold go to a pub... but guess what my dad chose the only pub that didn't open til 4:30.. so we had to wait around it was so sad... so we went in i wanted pork scratchings... but no can do.... just peanuts anyway then my cousin insisted we go on the rides.. i knew i'd probably end up going on them... we went on one called the Euro dancer and basically it went up in the air to the side then a sudden down drop in a rotating motion.. it was auful my stomach felt terrible... i just wanted to get off.... i wish my chinese boy was not so lazy and had of come it would of been so nice.... even though i don't like them i would of enjoyed them being with him ^^ or even just being with him lol but u can't always have what you want....

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