Saturday, March 8, 2008

lazy ass people

i think life has been just one big giant mistake since i joined this college... i used to be such a happy cheerful .. inocent... opinionless person... who just sailed through life literally... i mean in secondary school .. i had the leaving cert... alot of people killed themselves studying for it ... got all worked up and worried... but i just sort of took it easy i did study but not compulsively.... i sort of knew i was going to get into the college i'm in now there was no real doubt in my mind .. maybe it was just faith... who knows ....

anyway.... its the second semester now.. last semester we wer assigned groups for projects so that was fine.. this semester.. we wern't big mistake... i never realised how uncooperative
and stuborn my friends are :| it's a total mess at least for Human Resource Management... anyway the group size was huge to begin with.... 7 people that is unreal... impossible to please all 7.. such strong characters...
1 is a malaysian... who thinks he is right about everything can't take critism... 1 is an algerian who is determined to find the easiest way around everything.. copy n paste is his motto who cares if its irrevelent... 1 is a girl amy... offering to do extra work but begging not to.... 1 is a pakista
nni guy ... who "wants" to help but doesn't have time.. another is a pakistanni.. who wants the easiest way around things... so basically it is a total international group... big mistake it wa... because not only did i have to correct the english for the malaysian guy ... but also i had to correct and add more to maria and amys... then the algerian ... sent me his work which he copyed and pasted from the internet and it had nothing to do with the project task... so i have to redo that... one of the pakistanni guys said to me he can't do his task because it is to hard... so we then assigned it to the other pakistanni who totally forgot so i'm doing that aswell.... then one they all totally forgot i have to do that... so yea i'm doing absolutely everything i feel really frustrated... :|

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