Monday, March 24, 2008

Americas Next top Model

hey! what do u think of this show Americas Next top model? i only started watching it while i was staying with my auntie while my parents wer ironically away in Hong Kong ~and i incidently loved it.. its interesting in away. it kinda made me think about muslim girls... who always claim to have just as much rights as any other girl..... and they always feel more respected cos they not wearing mini skirts or whatever.. but they are definitely limited here.. theres no such thing as a muslim model..... or is there? i checked it out :D found one Michelle Leslie well a fake muslim lol... shes half philipino half austrailian... got arrested in indonesia for drug poession... then "converted" perhaps to get treated with more respect..... less rudesness.. which shows that muslims treat non muslims with with less respect ....i am sick of this ... whats good for the goose is not good for the gander.. they demand respect here... in the west but we will never get the respect back when we go to there country....


zakir ahmed said...
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zakir ahmed said...

hey .. well thanks for visiting my blog too , and incidentally iam a muslim .. :P do u really belive that muslims treat others with less respect , well ill give you another example .. i have many friends of school time , some muslims and some non muslims , but i must say my best friends ( with whom i love to talk to and am always in contact with ) are all non muslims ..

and just a question .. do you believe posing half nude in front of that bike is freedom ?

btw the colours u use in ur blog are really nice :D