Saturday, September 26, 2009

3rd year

2010 has sucked since the end of august... not just because of college... actually if i didn't have college i'd probably go mental. i have to have something to focus on or i just start thinking about the inevitable. The year ahead does not look promising... no job, no boyfriend, no money. nothing to show for my 20 years on this planet @.@ i think im having a mid life crisis....

On a brighter note some good has come out of all the negativity at the end of august. i have officially started learning chinese. Now your all thinking definitely she has lost her god damn min
d and maybe i have. but out of all the possible things i could do to keep my future stable this was the number one option to consider. I know people allways have these ideas to start learning japanese or korean or some asian language and then after awhile just get fed up and quit. but not me. (don't quote me) i don't intend to quit at the moment anyway....) but i plan to stick it out to the end.

As soon as all the negativity surrounded me at the end of August.. the very next day i started actiively learning chinese and i can't say i see huge improvements this is my maybe fourth week since i started? maybe 5th.. but i do see some little things sometimes. like in college my boyfriend was talking in chinese and i could recognise when he said "ming tian jian" = see you tommorrow. so i was pretty happy that was my first milestone.

Today i reached another milestone i feel i learnt how to structure some sentences. about what people are doing
zhe ge nan ren zai chi fen = the man is eating
zhe xie nu ren zai zou fen = the girls are co
oking and so on.....

well i downloaded a virtual cd rom rosetta stone it was p
retty complex to set up but pretty awesome ^^

well this is all i have time for today.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just realized i never posted any photos of china on this blog and i feel quite in love today lol. I had a nice day at home with my boyfriend relaxing eating lunch, we watched Step up 2 the streets. it was nice. We have been going through a rough patch lately. Just fighting over everything. I suppose it was mostly stress over money. I don't have a job and it puts pressure on him. Its not fair him having to pay for most things. But it still doesn't stop me from missing some of the little things. like when we first started going out when we went to the cinema, We would allways buy a large coke to share and it was really nice sharing. but now we have stoped doing that we have started buying a bottle each in the spar beside the cinema =[ i know it saves money. But it made me feel like he didn't care. The recession is affecting absolutely everything my family life my relationship. I really want to get away from this country. Another issue we've been having is because of his family hes totally focused on his studies @.@ and i felt sidesteped =[ but i think things are finally picking up.... I guess we have to start accepting that we are getting older and times are changing we have to work towards our future more. Why do we have to become so grown up. now i know why some women like younger men it makes them feel younger and lessens stress and takes there mind off worrys about the future.
I watched a really random movie I love you, man. it was suposed to be really funny but it was actually really sad. It was incredibly arkward to watch with my boyfriend very embarassing i nearly had to explain somethings that are better left unsaid.... lol. But it was also sad because it had some home truths about how hard it is to find true friends.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what a strange train trip

I knew Friday was going to be a weird day my mom hassled me all morning about cleaning and blah blah blah and i was just so fed up. then my boyfriend said i could go in and meet him at the college after he finished in the gym. he didn't seem to care whether i came or didn't so because of that i wasn't that bothered what time i got in there at. I had my lunch n all n them my mom left to meet my aunt i was up in my room tidying and then i suddenly started organizing all the stuff i was given in china. I put on some of the jade jewelery its made of jade and red string basically. I was going to wear the bracelet and the necklace but i think it was a bit over the top of patriotism lol so i settled for just the 2 bracelets even still i felt a bit weird but didn't care. then i changed my mobile phone charm to something similar to the bracelet. red string and jade stones. i had Doraemon since china and was just bored of it frankly. It made my phone a lot lighter changing it...

so then i left the house walked down to the station. got in the carriage sat down there was a newspaper on the ground and it was stuck together with chewing gum so i wriped off the front cover obviously without touching the front cover and red the thing and left the two parts opposite me when i was done. Then this black/Romanian/Pakistani I'm not sure what ethnicity he was or what language he was speaking it wasn't Indian I'm certain. he was quite dark skinned... anyway he picked up the stuff red the newspaper part that i had... then he tried to pull open the part that was stuck with chewing gum ewwwwww and then once he did that he fooled it up and then he put it in his mouth..... very weird and very gross. i didn't say a word then after that he put his legs up on the seat beside me and lied down. Then i was bored i started fiddling with the bracelets... he must of noticed and then suddenly he put his hand in his pocket took out a colorful bead bracelet and handed it to me... I know the whole don't take anything from a stranger thing,,,, but i went against my instinct and said "is this for me?" he said "yes" i took it said thank you... when he gave me the bracelet i felt like i should give him money to be honest it was so weird. then we sat in silence tor the rest of the train ride then i arrived at my station he got up before me and said bye... i said thank you bye bye.... then i as i was walking out of the train i noticed he was carrying a fold up chair. and a huge bag i guess he must be a busker....

one of the oddest train trips ever i have only ever talked to a complete stranger maybe 3 times before in the last 2 years.... @.@ I guess he was just doing his good deed for the day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello! ^^
How are you all? well since the last blog entry, things are actually starting to look up. well i had all my summer end of semester exams last week and one this week and their all over now! what a relief i had never been so exhausted in my whole life 5 exams 5 days in a row. with no breaks it was insanely intense. i had to get up at 6:45 each day. i am actually an early riser but i just hate anytime before 7 lol @.@

so now I'm on summer holidays until September so i have basically 4 months off quite a long holiday. I'm planing to do a teach English as a foreign language course TEFL that will take place in June and last for a month. Then in July i am going to Tenerife with my family for 10 days also me and my boyfriend are planing a trip down to Irish countryside, Galway. so it should be nice.

Also our fees problem is over now thank god. my boyfriend got awarded a 1000 euro grant from the college. Then he went to the fees office and he told him that they were decreasing the international fee from 9000 to 8000 euro then my boyfriend talked to the head of the fees office and told him of his financial situation and he gave him a further 10% discount so the that brought the fees to 7000 and now my boyfriend only has to pay 6000 of his own money he really is lucky! thank god! so he has been really positive since ^^ which is great i hate when he talks deep stuff about the future. although he still is... yesterday he was saying he won't marry me unless i
do all the housework @.@ what the hell. he really is the laziest guy i have ever met and also he changed his phone background =[ its not us anymore its a picture of a car. =[ i hate him so selfish and annoying i hope all our love doesn't evaporate or something @.@

also i recently finished my first Taiwanese drama Fated to love u it was hilarious and so romantic! possibly the best drama I've ever watched @.@ now i am finishing off a Korean drama The 1st stop coffee prince its good

Friday, April 10, 2009

my boyfriends moving back to china

Yea i heard last night that my boyfriend is moving back to china by the end of october.... all thanks to this bloody recession, thanks all u greedy people, great job. i hope you lose all your money. so as u can imagine i am not very happy right now hopefully we can come up with something. just keep up a brave face is all we can do. oh while im posting ironically i downloaded a japanese wedding magazine i think i found my dream dress lol the one on top i think it is absolutely goregeous ^^ or else this one i think it is perhaps the same one not sure so what do u think? heres another hehe pink i love it lol finally the ideal bouquet hehe !! the bottom one on the left i might aswell show my favorite japanese syle then i would choose the top left bouquet oh and look what else i found fancy ass nails
well this has cheered me up a little lol its nice to dream lol

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Answer the following 12 questions about yourself:
1. What is your first name? Sarah

2. What is your favorite food? Lasagne

3. What high school did you attend? Loreto Bray

4. What is your favorite color? Pink

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Eminem

6. Favorite drink? Jones

7. Dream vacation? Korea

8. Favorite dessert? Banoffee

9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher

10. What do you love most in life? Love

11. One word to describe you? Caring

12. Your username? Sticky Carnival

Type your answer to each of the above questions into Flickr's search. Using only the im

ages that appear on the first page, choose your favourite and copy and paste
( i cheated a tad lol but who cares lol it was fun to do)