Sunday, July 13, 2008

over rated

After dating my boyfriend for like 4 months i realised that dating an asian boy is over rated lol.. and that basically i have to admit i had no idea what to expect .. but i have to say i did have a delusion that it was going to be easy and a dreamy experience and things would just float along i dunno i was a total fool lol the problems me and him have experienced have been have astronomical.. if thats the right spelling lol.. basically infinate things to think about nothing is easy at all... there is so many compromises to make i don't mean to discourage people about this kind of dating..... but just be prepared for a bumpy ride..... i'm getting ready for the crash lol.......

but i mean all that said it hasn't all been doom and gloom and problem after problem, fight after fight there has been some good times along the way ^^ this is just something people don't warn you about basically because they don't know... anyway i still have some hope that this could work out with a bit of luck ^^
heres some of our happier moments ^^