Saturday, September 26, 2009

3rd year

2010 has sucked since the end of august... not just because of college... actually if i didn't have college i'd probably go mental. i have to have something to focus on or i just start thinking about the inevitable. The year ahead does not look promising... no job, no boyfriend, no money. nothing to show for my 20 years on this planet @.@ i think im having a mid life crisis....

On a brighter note some good has come out of all the negativity at the end of august. i have officially started learning chinese. Now your all thinking definitely she has lost her god damn min
d and maybe i have. but out of all the possible things i could do to keep my future stable this was the number one option to consider. I know people allways have these ideas to start learning japanese or korean or some asian language and then after awhile just get fed up and quit. but not me. (don't quote me) i don't intend to quit at the moment anyway....) but i plan to stick it out to the end.

As soon as all the negativity surrounded me at the end of August.. the very next day i started actiively learning chinese and i can't say i see huge improvements this is my maybe fourth week since i started? maybe 5th.. but i do see some little things sometimes. like in college my boyfriend was talking in chinese and i could recognise when he said "ming tian jian" = see you tommorrow. so i was pretty happy that was my first milestone.

Today i reached another milestone i feel i learnt how to structure some sentences. about what people are doing
zhe ge nan ren zai chi fen = the man is eating
zhe xie nu ren zai zou fen = the girls are co
oking and so on.....

well i downloaded a virtual cd rom rosetta stone it was p
retty complex to set up but pretty awesome ^^

well this is all i have time for today.