Friday, April 10, 2009

my boyfriends moving back to china

Yea i heard last night that my boyfriend is moving back to china by the end of october.... all thanks to this bloody recession, thanks all u greedy people, great job. i hope you lose all your money. so as u can imagine i am not very happy right now hopefully we can come up with something. just keep up a brave face is all we can do. oh while im posting ironically i downloaded a japanese wedding magazine i think i found my dream dress lol the one on top i think it is absolutely goregeous ^^ or else this one i think it is perhaps the same one not sure so what do u think? heres another hehe pink i love it lol finally the ideal bouquet hehe !! the bottom one on the left i might aswell show my favorite japanese syle then i would choose the top left bouquet oh and look what else i found fancy ass nails
well this has cheered me up a little lol its nice to dream lol