Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello! ^^
How are you all? well since the last blog entry, things are actually starting to look up. well i had all my summer end of semester exams last week and one this week and their all over now! what a relief i had never been so exhausted in my whole life 5 exams 5 days in a row. with no breaks it was insanely intense. i had to get up at 6:45 each day. i am actually an early riser but i just hate anytime before 7 lol @.@

so now I'm on summer holidays until September so i have basically 4 months off quite a long holiday. I'm planing to do a teach English as a foreign language course TEFL that will take place in June and last for a month. Then in July i am going to Tenerife with my family for 10 days also me and my boyfriend are planing a trip down to Irish countryside, Galway. so it should be nice.

Also our fees problem is over now thank god. my boyfriend got awarded a 1000 euro grant from the college. Then he went to the fees office and he told him that they were decreasing the international fee from 9000 to 8000 euro then my boyfriend talked to the head of the fees office and told him of his financial situation and he gave him a further 10% discount so the that brought the fees to 7000 and now my boyfriend only has to pay 6000 of his own money he really is lucky! thank god! so he has been really positive since ^^ which is great i hate when he talks deep stuff about the future. although he still is... yesterday he was saying he won't marry me unless i
do all the housework @.@ what the hell. he really is the laziest guy i have ever met and also he changed his phone background =[ its not us anymore its a picture of a car. =[ i hate him so selfish and annoying i hope all our love doesn't evaporate or something @.@

also i recently finished my first Taiwanese drama Fated to love u it was hilarious and so romantic! possibly the best drama I've ever watched @.@ now i am finishing off a Korean drama The 1st stop coffee prince its good

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zakir ahmed said...

hey my vacations have started too .. So , you will be doing a job this summer ?
i have 3 months of vacations