Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just realized i never posted any photos of china on this blog and i feel quite in love today lol. I had a nice day at home with my boyfriend relaxing eating lunch, we watched Step up 2 the streets. it was nice. We have been going through a rough patch lately. Just fighting over everything. I suppose it was mostly stress over money. I don't have a job and it puts pressure on him. Its not fair him having to pay for most things. But it still doesn't stop me from missing some of the little things. like when we first started going out when we went to the cinema, We would allways buy a large coke to share and it was really nice sharing. but now we have stoped doing that we have started buying a bottle each in the spar beside the cinema =[ i know it saves money. But it made me feel like he didn't care. The recession is affecting absolutely everything my family life my relationship. I really want to get away from this country. Another issue we've been having is because of his family hes totally focused on his studies @.@ and i felt sidesteped =[ but i think things are finally picking up.... I guess we have to start accepting that we are getting older and times are changing we have to work towards our future more. Why do we have to become so grown up. now i know why some women like younger men it makes them feel younger and lessens stress and takes there mind off worrys about the future.
I watched a really random movie I love you, man. it was suposed to be really funny but it was actually really sad. It was incredibly arkward to watch with my boyfriend very embarassing i nearly had to explain somethings that are better left unsaid.... lol. But it was also sad because it had some home truths about how hard it is to find true friends.

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